Story. It's all around us. It's how e make sense of life. It's what we are wired for. We chart the deepest waters of our lives through power of story. Everything about us is shaped by the stories we hear.

Yet there is a knowing inside all of us that guides us toward better stories, toward being a better character. There is a Writer outside ourselves, plotting a better story for us, interacting with us, and whispering a better story int out consciousness. That Storyteller is God. He knows your story, and He intends to redeem it in order to use every struggle and every joy to ultimately bring you to Himself. When we tell our stories with others, we give them the opportunity to see God at work.


Type #storytellers at the end of all your Facebook, Twitter & Instagram posts to help people follow what God is doing through this Community Groups Series. Please use the images & video above or post photos from your own Storytellers Group when sharing online.


WEEK 1 | Story Of Redemption

WEEK 2 | Story Of Healing

WEEK 3 | Story Of Unstoppable Faith

WEEK 4 | Story Of Salvation

WEEK 5 | Story Of Restoration

WEEK 6 | The Tapestry Of Story